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Long-term PPE Resources from AOAExcel  

The urgent nationwide shortage of supplies of PPE for frontline, essential care providers, including doctors of optometry, is placing America's health care workforce and the public at further risk. The AOA is among the leading national health care organizations actively urging the president, congress and equipment suppliers to immediately focus on and fix this dire situation.
DURING THE NATIONWIDE SHORTAGE: Due to the efforts of states, localities and public health organizations, and through federal prioritization and targeting efforts, PPE supplies are being directed to outbreak hotspots and potential future hotspots. Doctors are advised to explore current availability of quality PPE through state and local agencies as well as other immediate term sources.

NEXT STEPS FOR SECURING PPE FOR OPTOMETRY PRACTICES: Looking beyond the current nationwide shortage, AOA doctors are advised that AOAExcel’s exclusive group purchasing organization (GPO) partner, Intalere, is positioned to gain assured, long-term access to steady supplies of hospital-grade, quality controlled PPE at competitive pricing. This is an AOA member benefit.

For doctors/practices already enrolled in AOAExcel's GPO program: You may directly contact Intalere’s Operational Continuity & Emergency Management team at 877-711-5600 for the latest information on PPE availability and access. (Intalere member number is required. If not known, it can be accessed by contacting the AOAExcel team at

For doctors/practices not yet enrolled in AOAExcel's GPO program: Click here to provide basic registration information. The enrollment process will be completed within four business days. To get started or for other assistance, contact the AOAExcel team at


Other PPE Sources

10Torr (hand sanitizer)
American Quilt Company (face masks and face shields)
American Screening Corp (disinfectants, face masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, pulse oximeters, thermometers, uv sanitizers, etc)
Branded Screen Printing (face masks)
Cal Coast Ophthalmic Instruments (breath shields, face shields, and ocu-film)
CCR Solutions (hand sanitizer, face shields, partitions, door pulls, etc)
Counter Guards (sneeze guards and shields)
Cover-up Helper (face masks and hand sanitizer)
Custom Ink (face masks and hand sanitizer)
Daily Steals (disposable face masks, KN95 masks, face shields, etc)
David Peck Designs (Eye Doctor Collection face masks)
Displays2Go (sneeze guards and signage)
Ferino Distillery (hand sanitizer)
FourEars (face mask snap & hooks)
Frame Displays (protective plexiglass sneeze guards)
Gateway (protective plexiglass shields)
Gearbest (N95 masks, KN95 masks, disposable face masks, face shields, gloves, etc)
Genesis (face masks)
Get Us PPE
(face masks)
iHealth (face masks, pulse oximeters, thermometers, wireless blood pressure monitors, etc)
In Office Sterilization (germ shields, electrostatic sprayers, disinfecting chemicals, signage)
Klean+ (hand sanitizer)
Las Vegas Distillery (hand sanitizer)
Lombart (breath shields)
Lone Star PPE (disinfectants, face masks, hand sanitizer)
Los Angeles Apparel (face masks)
Marco (free breath shield)
Masks to You (face masks - customizable)
MedixSource (face masks, gloves, cleaning & disinfectant, thermometers, etc)
Nationwide Medical Supplies (face masks, face shields, gloves, gowns, sanitizer, thermometers, etc.)
Naturpedic (organic cotton face masks)
Newchic (face masks, gloves, cleaning & disinfectant, thermometers, etc)
Newegg (face masks, face mask filters, face shields, ear loop extenders, hand sanitizer, UV sterilizers, etc)
NC PPE, Ltd (face masks, face shields, gloves, etc)
NCP Medical Solutions (breath shields, desk shields, decals/signage)
OcuSoft (antiseptics)
OD|MD Safety (face masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, "sanitized" frame bands, etc)
ODs United (disinfectant, ear savers, face masks, face shields, gloves, hand sanitizer, thermometers, etc)
OMG! (sneeze guards & signage)
Ophthalmic Instruments Inc (breath shields, lens wipes, ocu-film, tonosafe)
OptiSource (breath shields, face masks, face shields, goggles, hand sanitizer, isopropyl alcohol, etc)
Parlor Skis (face shields)
PMEDI (face masks, face shields, goggles, hand sanitizer, thermometers)
PPE Supply House (face masks, face shields, goggles, hand sanitizer, thermometers)
Precision Equipment (breath shields)
PureTech Sanitizer (hand sanitizer)
Quantum (alcohol wipes, disinfectant, ear savers, face masks, face shields, gloves, hand sanitizer, thermometers, UV sanitizer, etc)
Rec Specs (safety glasses)
Reike Office Interiors (SafeSpace™ sneeze guards and panels)
Remedi Pure (hand sanitizer and disposable face masks)
Rendall (face masks)
Rochester Optical (N95 masks, face shields, ear loop extenders) - use Coupon Code 1001 when placing order
Sanitize 365 (face masks and face shields)
Seven Troughs Distilling (hand sanitizer - call 775.451.7517 to order - 6 half gallon bottles for $96)
SGC Group (KN95 masks & disposable masks- Las Vegas based group with inventory in stock)
Shield Pals (face shields and decals)
Sticker Mule (customized face masks and ear savers)
TDJ Designs (breath shields)
Topcon (free breath shields)
US Ophthalmic (face masks, face shields, gloves, hand sanitizer, UV sterilizer, etc.)
Veer Cosmetics (KN95 masks)
Vegamour (hand sanitizer)
Vel-Ray Products (KN95 masks, disposable masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and hand soap) 
Verdi Local Distillery (hand sanitizer)
Vida (face masks and filters)
Vistaprint (face masks and filters)
Xodus Medical (face shields)
Zeiss (free breath shields)

VSP Global® has put together a comprehensive list of PPE Suppliers, along with tips and tricks from the Procurement Team of VSP—experts who regularly purchase products from different suppliers on behalf of VSP Global® l businesses. NOA and VSP will continue to review and update this list as appropriate. Please note that some of the following recommendations may seem basic, but are included as best practices.
• Tell suppliers that you are in healthcare as many are reserving PPE for those in the industry and first responders.
• Before placing orders online, call to confirm products are in inventory as supplies are fluctuating constantly.
• Don’t be discouraged if the product is out of stock. Try again later as the product might be unavailable for one day and available the next day.
• Buy in bulk. Schedule out product needs and order in four-week increments (4, 8, 12 weeks), as it’s usually less expensive to buy in larger quantities.
• If an item isn’t available, consider alternatives. Does a supplier have an equivalent item that meets your needs?
• Order tracking is critical as orders can get lost or delayed. Find out when you can expect to receive your order, ask for a tracking number, and have one person in the office maintain a spreadsheet with these details for future reference.
• We’ve encountered a number of bad actors during this pandemic crisis. Before placing an order with a new supplier, we recommend you fact-check the supplier by going to The website does a reputational risk assessment on the supplier’s website. This helps in vetting a supplier.
Amazon Business
Stacy Neumann
206.348.5023 Masks, no-touch thermometers---
Brackin Paint & Supply
Lucas Watson
334.793.4330 x.108 AlcoholCall Lucas Watson & place order directly.
Penny Cook
209.606.9159 Gloves, hand sanitizer---
Consolidated PlasticsCustomer Service
Use website to order
800.362.1000Spray bottles/otherLimited supply. Can call or order online with credit card & ship directly.
DAC Technologies
Joe Ciochetto
972.677.2700Alcohol, glovesCan order direct with credit card. Register via the login link & can make purchase immediately with credit card.
Delta Optical Supplies
Kevin Saulter
800.469.3187Alcohol, plastic containers, misc.chemicalsCall direct to order. 2 gal. max/$21.95 gal.
Dom Vetro
Ashley Bezamat
424.522.1082Full-coverage hygienic face protection designed to fit any eyewearProfessional discount code: SOLIDARITY
Valid for Standard Shield Kit @ $10/unit.
Riki King
916.933.8042Lab coatsVisit website & locate regional branch near your practice. Call the branch & inquire about supplies.
Colleen Jones
Customer Service Support
800.955.6544Gloves, gallon containers with pumpsCan email or order direct from website for any customer with an existing account.
Just Call Inc.
Joann Devereux
916.485.5656 Plastic containers, misc. items---
Office Depot
Robert Bolen
925.322.3937 Hand soap/pumpLimited supply. Call for availability/ETA of items interested in purchasing.
Brian Allen
925.260.3078 Paper towels, hand soapCan log into site with VSP Premier Access & order.
Stormin Norman's Optical
Elaine Reardon
561.995.24003-ply, KN/N95 masks, hand cleaner, gloves, gownsLimited supply. Check site for items, call to confirm availability. If product is on order/inbound, will take your email contact & contact you when product arrives so order can be placed.
Jesse Gamboa
---Disinfectant wipes---